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Head of Internal Control

Peridot Forte Solutions Consulting - Lagos

Posted: Sep 13th, 2019

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Peridot Forte Solutions Consulting Limited provides HR Solutions such Recruitment, Organisational Structure, HR Strategy, Performance Management, Compensation and Benefits.


  • Ensure regular reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Ensure proper documentation, recording and tagging of the company’s fixed assets.
  • Ensure proper proofing and recommendation of general ledger accounts.
  • Makes financial control-related recommendations on specific major projects or plans.
  • Ensure prompt rendition of returns to the MD and board of Directors.
  • Ensure that all credits have been approved in accordance with the credit policy.
  • Ensure that all pre-disbursement conditions have been met.
  • Ensure that all collateral documents are properly kept and perfection carried out.
  • Review approved credit for quality, performance and compliance with approved terms & condition in the credit policy. Ensure all credit are approved in accordance with the credit policy and any regulatory guidelines.
  • Carry out spot checks on loan customers to verify due diligence done prior to draw down.
  • Identify all non performing accounts and pursue workout strategies in collaboration with loan officers.
  • Ensure that limits are monitored.
  • Ensure that income, fees, maturing repayment & other charges are captured.
  • Detect and escalate un-authorized credits.
  • Ensure policy driven credit related sanction are captured on the software, e.g. late payment penalties and enforced by loan officers.
  • Prepare regular report for management on portfolio quality etc. as required.
  • Identification of warning signals and flagging likely problems before they crystallise.
  • Review regularly officer cash collection records versus system balances.
  • Enforce the company’s clear desk policy.
  • Identification of deteriorating accounts for prudential classification and transfer to credit recovery.
  • Ensure that limits are monitored.
  • Ensure that income, fees, maturing repayment & other charges are captured.
  • Detection and escalation of un-authorized credit.
  • Implementation of policy driven credit related sanctions.
  • Preparation of exception report as required.
  • Identification of warning signals and flagging likely problem before they crystallise.
  • Custody and maintenance of credit files.
  • Ensure that a review of the portfolio is carried out on a quarterly basis
  • Ensure that a rapid review of the company’s portfolio is carried out, in the event of material adverse changes, affecting the operating environment.
  • Ensure that appropriate recommendations are implemented such that the desired level of credit quality and performance are attained and sustained.
  • Take necessary measure to ensure adequate quality assurance in operation i.e. call over. General ledger proofing/ reconciliation, integrity test, departmental control etc.
  • Ensure all interest earning are correctly accrued and amortised monthly.
  • Ensure proper verification of expenses before processing and disbursement of funds.
  • Track bank deposits and payments.

Minimum: HND
Experience: 5-7 year(s)
Location: Lagos
Job Type: Permanent
Expires: 25-09-2019

General Requirements

  •  5 - 9 years experience in Microfinance Bank.
  •  Have a blend of superior analytical skills.
  •  High level of attention to detail to perform their duties effectively.
  •  Good organizational and communication skills.
  •  Ability to compile internal control reports and presentations efficiently and effectively.