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BELL 407GXP Type Rated Pilot

Caverton Offshore Support Group - Delta, Escravos & Warri

Posted: Oct 17th, 2019

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The Caverton Offshore Support Group has a global workforce of over 650 employees. With its rapidly expanding fleet of aircraft and vessels coupled with its acquisition of key offshore assets and strategic partners, the Group is able to provide services to its clients ensuring fulfillment.


  • Follow precise, documented steps to check and verify the condition of aircraft prior to and following every flight, and document complete findings in log according to standard operating procedures.
  • Complete pre-flight checks before takeoff by verifying compliance with weight limits, submitting detailed flight plans to air traffic control authorities and studying weather patterns to ensure acceptable conditions for safe flight.
  • Operate aircraft safely according to set flight schedules by following planned routes, communicating effectively with air-traffic control, operating navigational instruments properly and monitoring fuel levels and other systems during takeoff, flight and landing procedures.
  • Respond to changes in weather conditions and emergency situations calmly and safely, following standard protocols when possible and determining additional actions when necessary to address unusual situations.
  • Communicate effectively with other pilots, flight crew, air traffic controllers and passengers as necessary to ensure proper aircraft operation.
  • Complete post-flight documentation accurately by listing all relevant operational and instrumentation details and recommending maintenance procedures or changes in flight schedule when necessary.
  • Coordinate with the copilot, flight engineer, and ground personnel as necessary to ensure compliance with safety protocols and adherence to FAA regulations for all flights.

Minimum: B.Sc/B.A
Experience: 3-5 year(s)
Location: Delta, Escravos & Warri
Job Type: Permanent
Expires: 29-10-2019

General Requirements

  • Must have BELL 407GXP rating and 100 hours P1 on the type.
  • 2500 total flight hours
  • 1000 total Command time
  • 100 hours Night
  • Must hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • A valid Nigerian CAA license will be an advantage
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in the English language.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills with effective problem-solving abilities.
  • Able to interface effectively with all levels of the organization.