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Software Developer

Software developers are geniuses behind the different innovations of our time. They are creative personalities that build new software and web based applications that enable individuals perform particular tasks on a computer and other gadgets. They are responsible for outlining, programming, testing and running various applications. They are not just entrusted with the job of creating new software, but are also responsible for maintaining and improving current applications.

Software developers are intuitive individuals with the ability to comprehend business procedures and keep abreast of new programming developments. Digital innovations of the 21st century has created an opportunity for software developers to work in a wide range of enterprises ranging from Healthcare, business, IT administrations, Government, Finance and Communications. etc.

Being a software developer entails having the ability to think outside the box, considering it includes extended periods of innovative mental work and set deadlines. It entails investigative reasoning, astuteness and drive to get results.

 To become a software developer, there are certain things you should know before proceeding on your voyage.


In most cases, to be a software developer you will require a four-year college education in either computer science or software engineering. To become an expert software developer a degree alone won't help you land that dream job; you need to build up certain IT skills that businesses are most interested in such as Java, Visual Basic, PHP, and C++.etc. Increase your proficiency by obtaining professional certifications i.e. Microsoft (MCSD), Microsoft (MTA), Amazon Web Services (AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level), Cloudera (CCDH), Oracle (APEX), 6-8. Oracle (OCP, OCM, OCE), Puppet Labs, Red Hat and other professional certifications. Getting professional certifications and adding a master’s degree to your portfolio will be an added advantage that show business managers your expertise.


 A profound knowledge of core programing languages, for example, C++, C#, Java, Lisp, and Python is required to be a software developer. Ability to build algorithms and information structure, mastering development platforms, troubleshooting and source control are necessary skills required to be a software developer. You must be an intelligent thinker because issues can emerge from the littlest mix-ups made when coding. Being a software developer requires tolerance, the capacity to conceive brand new ideas, and focus on points of interest. To be an efficient software developer, pick one programming language which you will develop expertise in, while using devices and codes that advanced designers utilize. Study codes developed by other experts in order to enlarge your knowledge.


While it is important to become proficient in the skills and obtain the educational qualifications required to be a software developer, to be productive and efficient at your job, consistent practice is the key. To cultivate your abilities and increase your knowledge, routinely search for new tasks and difficulties in order to test your skills. Search for Open Source tasks and set an objective for yourself to ascertain how fast you can meet that objective within a set time period. Joining programming communities will give you the opportunity to sharpen your creative abilities. Rehearsing also creates room for growth and improvement, which in-turn helps you to enhance your skills. Honing your skills offers you the opportunity to improve your code, while practicing gives you the chance to break your code. Learn how to debug and also seek advice from other developers who are more advanced.


As a software developer, your job will be to dissect clients' requirements, create, and test programs to address those issues. Plan each bit of an application or framework and how the pieces cooperate to deliver efficient and proficient results. You should understand how the client intends to use the product and recognize the central functionalities that clients require. As a developer you will work closely with computer engineers, with the end goal of creating ideal programs, and archiving each part of an application’s framework. You’re expected to make different models of outlines, like flowcharts that will demonstrate to clients the coding required for an application. Also, in circumstances where a program does not work as expected or if testers think that it’s awkward to utilize, you will have to backpedal to the design process in order to settle the issues and enhance the program. The developer is also expected to enhance and provide upgrades to the software as needed.


 Software developers are needed in various industries to develop, execute and monitor computer programs. In Nigeria for instance software developers are likely to be employed by companies like Andela, MTN, GTB, Interswitch, Cregital, Appzone, Spiralteck and Cyberspace Networks. Etc.

If you’re analytical and passionate about computer programs, choosing a career as a software developer might be a good fit providing you acquire the necessary skills and qualification required to function in this role.

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