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How to Create a Job Search Plan

Job search is something that requires time and hard work in order to be successful. The competitiveness of today’s job market has made landing a good job very difficult. Having experienced one or two setbacks in your hunt, have you considered approaching your job search with an organized job search plan?

If you approach your job search with an organized job search plan, the odds of getting a new job might just tilt in your favor.

So how do you create a job search plan?

Set Your Job Search Goal

The first step towards creating your job search plan is setting your goal; which has to do with what you want to achieve. What type of job are you gunning for? Which industry do you want to specialize? Etc. Having a clear goal is the foundation of your job search process, as it enables you to ascertain if you possess the required skill, qualification for the role you intend to seek after. Once you have identified your goal, you can start highlighting the steps you need to take to arrive at that goal.

Identify The Requirements for Your Target Position

Since you have identified the particular job position you want to explore, take time to research on the basic requirements needed to function in the particular industry and in the role. And if the position requires any skill or experience you currently don’t have, you then proceed to acquiring such skills.

 Set Job Search Activities for Each Day

Your job search plan should contain actionable items and activities that you would carry out on a daily basis. Set a time when you would go through various job boards, looking for your position of interest, also set a time for applying and forwarding your resume to the employers of the positions you are interested in. However ensure that every task that you do will bring you one step closer to your goal.   

Make Networking a Key Part of Your Job Search

Networking today can be segmented into online and offline. You can network online by connecting with employers and other human resource professionals who work in your industry of interest on LinkedIn, while offline networking has to do with attending career fairs and other job seeker related events where you would have the opportunity to talk to one or two persons. Whether offline or online ensure you talk to at least one person from your network each day, letting them know you are in need of a job. Be specific about your request by letting them know the type of position you are interested in.

Document Your Job Search Plan

To really reap positive results out of your job search plan, it is essential you document it, so that it does not become just an idea you have and you forget about afterwards. To ensure you follow it, set milestones you will strive to attain. The only way your job search plan would work is if you meticulously follow it. So make a list of the activities, tasks, and deadlines associated with each milestone.

Your job search plan helps you to keeps focused and on track. Hence if you intend to succeed as a job seeker, it is essential that you develop and follow your job search plan.

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