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Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

Individuals are prone to making mistakes, and certain mistakes possess the capacity to affect your professional career negatively over a long period of time. As someone growing along his/her chosen career path, there are pitfalls you must avoid in order to excel in your career pursuit. In today’s professional world a lot of emphasis is laid on the tips and strategies needed to grow your career and those things which have the capability to actually jeopardize your career growth are overlooked.

The truth is, sometimes out of eagerness to succeed and attain a certain career height; people often make wrong choices that end up being mistakes that hunts them for the rest of their career life. To successfully achieve your career goal, you must be aware of the potential dangers you need to avoid as you progress.


Before setting off on your career journey, there are certain goals that you might have set for yourself.  Due to growth in responsibilities there is that tendency of losing sight of the original picture you had when initially setting off. However it is critical you maintain the originality of your vision and idea. Always have at the back of your mind the original picture of what you intend to accomplish and whenever you feel clouded you can always take a step back in order to get a wider view.


When considering a job offer, one of the first things you tend to pre-occupy your  mind with is the salary and financial benefits attached to the job, even before thinking about the various professional experience you stand to gain from that job. Desiring to be paid handsomely is not bad, but making it a criterion for picking up a particular job incapacitates you from seeing other benefits attached to the job such as skills enhancement and on the job experience. Always think of the satisfaction you will get from a job and how it will help build your resume before considering the pay.


One career mistake you must constantly avoid is not consistently updating your skills and knowledge as it pertains to your profession. In order to stay relevant along your chosen career path you must be up to date with the latest professional trends that are being unveiled in your field. Take professional courses online, attend seminars, read constantly and do whatever it takes to be current in order not to be considered as someone who can’t keep up, there by losing relevance professionally.


In the business world it’s important not to jeopardize any relationship you have especially with partners and clients; you never know when you might need the help of someone in the nearest future. It’s critical you maintain relationship with recruiters even after you’ve gotten a job and ensure you continuously keep in touch with professionals you meet along your career journey. Considering the fact that word of mouth recommendation goes a long way in the business world, do not burn your bridges no matter what transpires between you and a particular individual.


Underestimating yourself and your potential is practically limiting your career growth and progress. Irrespective of the challenge you come in contact with you should never doubt yourself, rather look for a way of tackling that particular challenge. It’s important to always project confidence which will keep you motivated to engage any challenge head on and also boost the confidence of your colleagues. Self- doubt is bad, so whenever you find yourself in such a situation reflect on the previous challenges you had scaled through and push yourself to get pass through.

Focusing on those things that boost your career growth is very important, but you also need to pay attention and avoid those mistakes that have the capacity to limit your career progress.

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