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Importance Of Having A Reference Letter As A Job Seeker.

Having a reference letter when applying for a job is important, because it validates the information on your CV and further gives the employer a deeper perspective into your background and capabilities. A letter of recommendation especially from a previous employer or a co-worker can increase the authenticity of your CV and also enable the employer’s evaluation of your potential.

As a job seeker it is your duty to identify people you can request a reference letter from. However, considering the fact that employers desire to engage the services of those candidates who will match their company work ethic and culture it is better to get a reference letter from a former manager who can actually speak about the real you.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have a reference letter,

It Highlights Your Professional Proficiencies

Considering that your past performance is a major determinant of your future achievement, the best way to reinforce the employer’s confidence is by obtaining and presenting a letter of recommendation from your previous employer which highlights your performance and accomplishments.

It Serves As An Endorsement

When you have a reference letter, it serves as an endorsement. When people who have worked with you pen down positive opinions about you it convinces the recruiter that you brought a good impact to your previous team. In a situation where the writer of the letter adds their job position and a little background information about himself; it shows the potential employer that the individual in question is actually in a position to speak for you.

It Solidifies the Qualifications Stated on your CV

Another important thing about having a reference letter is that it attest to the genuineness of any professional qualification stated on your CV. A good reference letter usually carries information about your professional qualifications, and even if the recruiter was in doubt as to if you actually have those qualifications the reference letter will clarify all issues.

Employers Use Reference Letters as a Supplement to an Interview

After an interview the recruiter uses the reference letter as a basis to form their judgement of hiring you. It is important to have a reference letter because even if your performance during the interview was not favourable, it canconvince the recruiter about your professional prowess.

It Presents Your Personal Qualities

When your previous supervisor or manager writes about some of your personal qualities like willingness to accept responsibility, showing initiative on the job etc. it shows the recruiter that you are an ideal candidate for the position.

In conclusion, a reference letter gives you the opportunity to gain the perception of a former employer about your past work in order to improve. The reference letter also reinforces confidence in your CV and helps the recruiter in their decision making process.

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