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Preparing For The Second Interview

Are you expecting a call for a follow up interview from a certain recruiter? You are in luck; because you are about to get tips on how to prepare for that interview. A lot of candidates invest a lot of time and energy preparing for the first interview, and they forget to put in the same level of commitment into the second interview.  You must understand that the recruiter liked the interaction they had with you during the first interview, that’s why you are being considered for a follow up interview either to clarify certain things or for further interaction with higher ups within the organization.

The second interview gives the recruiter the opportunity to ask you questions that pertain to the role you are meant to fill. It is your responsibility to express to the interviewer how you will function and perform in the position based on your qualifications and experience if you are hired. It’s important to take note that sometimes the follow up interviews is a chance for management to interact with candidates so you must structure your response in a way that suits senior management officials.

So what are those things you need to take into consideration when preparing for a follow up interview?


 Further research is essential especially now that you are preparing for your follow up interview. Considering the fact that top management officials might be present during this interview you must exhume every bit of information that will be of help to you. Use LinkedIn to search for top management officials who might be present during the interview, read their profiles and try to understand them. Read more about the company in order to get a deeper insight into what they stand for.


There’s a possibility that you will be asked some of the questions you were asked during your first interview especially those that pertain to your job role and what value you will be bringing to the company; hence it’s essential you go through questions in order to collate your answers in your mind and also practice answering them. When reviewing questions it’s important to take note of tricky questions that recruiters may throw at you in order to figure out your ability to think outside the box.


Recruiters desire to hire a candidate who will fit in with their company culture; therefore you have to get yourself acquainted with the in house culture of the company. Structure your outfit, presentation and composure in a way that demonstrates you to be a cultural fit to the recruiter. Think of ways you can show the recruiter that you are a team player and you have the ability to interact with other team members on a daily basis in order to achieve laid down goals and objectives.


There’s that tendency of being intimidated and nervous as you go for the interview due to the fact that you will be interacting with top management officials. But you must carry a positive mind set and In order to do so you must concentrate on developing your inner mojo and confidence by defining challenges that a candidate can encounter while working with the company and plan to show  the recruiter how you will make real progress and add value to the company.


It is important to prepare constructive questions about the company that will show the interviewer you are invested in the company. And if you are not given that opportunity, you should at least ask about the next step in the recruitment process, doing this makes the interview understand that you are already thinking of working with the company.

In most cases acing the follow up interview gives you a higher chance of landing the job, hence you must take your time to prepare for it without leaving any stone unturned.

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