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6 Tips for Retaining Your Employees

When one of your best employees resigns without prior notice, as an employer you are immediately faced with the challenge of finding a suitable replacement for that position. When a top talent works out the door, it raises suspicion in other employees, and they begin to wonder if there is something wrong or they need to start searching for other opportunities.

Employee retention should be a high priority for every organization because retaining your top talents is critical to the long term growth of the organization.

Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can employ as a recruiter to retain your top talents.

Career Development Opportunities

There’s a higher chance of retaining the top talents in your organization, if the company exposes them to career development programs and courses. Career training should not be limited within the scope of the employee’s job role, but should extend outside their job position. Enrolling employees for career development opportunities helps refine their skills and in turn revamps their productivity and innovation level in the work place. When a company pays for an employee’s training, it shows they care, and such gestures breeds loyalty in employees.

Motivate and Inspire Employees

Identify what drives and motivates your employees and use that as a relationship building tool with them. Employees might be driven by different things, for some money motivates them, for others it may be more autonomy to operate or an interesting place of work. Identifying and motivating employees this way shows employees that you appreciate their uniqueness and helps them to be more invested in the organization.

Open Line of Communication

Maintaining an open line of communication with your employees is critical to retaining them. Your employees should not feel threatened by you, rather they should be able to walk up to you, ask questions or pitch an idea that can move the company forward. They also expect to get honest feedback from you, including remarks on how they can improve on their work performance.

Compensation Package

In a competitive labor market, you must ensure your employees are compensated properly with attractive pay packages. Employee compensation includes salary, bonuses, paid time off, health benefits and other perks. Paid incentives are like icing on the cake when you aim to retain you employees.

Practice Rewarding Employees

From time to time, when an employee does something outstanding, or brings an innovative initiative that moves the organization forward, it’s essential that they are recognized for a job well done. When employees feel unappreciated and undervalued, they tend to become disinterested in the organization, hence to retain talent, you must make them feel appreciated and that their contributions are valued.


A collaborative team, is one that achieves more. Create an environment where members of your team can work together and contribute ideas to the overall growth of the company. Employees do well when management executives demonstrate a collaborative behavior and foster interactions between themselves and employees.

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