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Employer Branding

The demand for top talent is on the rise, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the right candidates from the limited pool of available talents. As a head hunter, it is your job to ensure the organization is portrayed as a top career destination in order to lure and retain the best candidates.

However, you must know that company branding does not begin with positive advertisement or strategic marketing campaigns, rather it begins with an internal development of your organization’s business culture. How do current employees rate the company? Can they recommend your organization to candidates? If the answer is no, then you must change your corporate culture in a way that it turns current employees into brand advocates.

Focus and invest in the satisfaction and growth of your current employees. Pay attention to creating a work environment that fosters employee development and increases their professional experience. Remember your current employee is the best person to give a review about your organization, and you should know that word of mouth testimonials from employees can go a long way in creating a positive impression about the company in the hearts of candidates.

So how do you go about branding your company?


One of the ways to draw top candidates to your organization is by stating your company’s vision, what you stand for and what the organization intends to achieve. By communicating the company’s vision and goals to candidates, they will be able to ascertain if the organization is one with a future and if becoming part of your team will give them the opportunity to create something that will have a long lasting positive effect on the society. Ensure employees understand the mission statement of the organization and are aware of the quality of service you render to clients.


Brand advocates are employees who speak positively about your organization to friends, family and other members of the society, through word of mouth communication and through their various social media profiles. It is easier for candidates to believe the words of an employee that works with your organization than what is said in an advertisement. Invest in any employee who is passionate about the experience they are gaining from your company, and encourage them to share their experiences, and how working in your organization has enhanced their career growth and exposure. Send such employees to seminars and motivate them to partake in any conference that relates to their field not just to expand their knowledge but to also give them the opportunity to tell one or two persons about your organization.


Everyone is influenced in one way or another by information they come across on social media. With regular updates of your business social media profiles with content that shows positive experiences that employees have, potential candidates can see and desire to be a part of your team. Use your corporate account to spread the word and utilise live videos on Instagram to show candidates the way you handle projects and how your organisation encourages team work and appreciates individual creativity.


Engaging in social responsibility activities is also helpful for building a strong brand that has the ability to attract top candidates. Social responsibility activities that are targeted at job seekers, such as paid internship programs and scholarships for gifted students, can cause candidates to identify with your brand. When candidates see your organisation as one that is committed to the growth and development of young people they will desire to be identified as employees of such a company.


One of the ways top talents source for jobs is by checking the websites of top recruitment agencies. Due to the fact that they trust the job posting that come from these reputable agencies, they take time out of their day to apply for these vacancies. Placing your job vacancy on the portal of these agencies gives you the opportunity to reach out to a pool of top talents. Agencies can also shortlist top talents for your organization based on the requirements you give to them.

Branding your organization is an effective way for attracting top talents to your organization especially when you involve your current employees. Hence it is important to brand your company in ways that make it a talent magnet.

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