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Recruitment Strategies For Headhunters

The type of candidate an organisation employs to a large extent determines the level of output the organization gets at the end of the day. As a recruiter, you need your organization to remain a step ahead of your competition, consequently focusing on enlisting excellent talent is important. It is required of you to be innovative with your recruitment strategies and marry your company's recruitment objectives to these strategies in order to achieve the expected results.

Effective strategies are essential to attracting great talent that have the capacity to drive the successes of the organization. Considering that underperformance can have a long term negative impact on the profitability of an organization, you are expected to be selective in your applicant picks. Therefore, to hire candidates that have the capacity to increase company productivity and take the organization to greater heights you must improve on your recruitment strategies.

 The following are techniques you need to be more effective as a recruiter


The internet has made information accessible to job seekers, they can obtain information about an organization they intend to apply on the go, and hence the picture you present to applicants about your company is important. Credible applicants tend to conduct background research on different organizations in order to identify career boosting organizations.  As a recruiter, you need to understand how jobseekers view your organization and why they would likely want to work for your organization. Develop your company’s digital image, presenting to applicants the strengths of your organization, its achievements, partnerships and any other information that will present your brand as a career enhancement brand. Talented applicants are always on the lookout for organizations that increase their odds of growing professionally, therefore communicate those key qualities that makes your organization a career destination to potential candidates.


Social media is an effective tool for passing on messages about your corporate culture to jobseekers. Demonstrate to potential candidates how profitable it will be to their career if they are employees of your organization. Utilizing social media platforms like LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to look for applicants who meet the criteria and skill sets that are required for the specific position you intend to fill. Social media platforms help you obtain more insights into the personality of candidates you intend to hire as well as ascertain they are fit for the position. An advanced search on LinkedIn enables you to easily connect with qualified candidates within your immediate network and those connected to your current employees. Using LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to an entire network of experts especially when you streamline your search by engaging in targeted ads.  Your job listing will be exposed only to professionals who are qualified and interested in that job position.


Engaging the services of recruitment agencies does not just save time but reduces the stress of shortlisting. Recruiting firms have good knowledge of the hiring market and have a vast network of suitable candidates they can reach out to. By engaging in the services of recruiting agencies such as EnabledJobs you’re certain that you’re going to be presented with candidates who have been tested and endorsed to meet the requirements of your organization and that match all the criteria for that position.


One strategy that’s effective for recruiting qualified candidates to your organization is sourcing for talent who are about to graduate from various colleges. You can partner with schools that are known for producing excellent graduates in order promote employment opportunities. Campus recruitment creates the opportunity for you to identify, prep and nurture potential talent who have the capacity be great employees for your organization. Keep a close relationship with schools and colleges to discover graduates in fields of your interest. This will position you ahead of the competition when it comes to recruiting prime candidates.


Attracting top talent to your company is a very competitive process as recruitment has moved passed the salary discussion to a wholesome value proposition and an overall favourable employee experience. To become a candidate-centric recruiter, you must understand the whole recruitment process revolves around the candidate.  The focus is on understanding the candidate’s goals and how they fit into your organization. Being familiar with a candidate’s goals enables you ascertain if that candidate matches the open opportunities in your company. The primary objective of the candidate-centric approach is to get involved with candidates, learning about their strengths and weakness in order to assign responsibility to them that best suit their skill set for productivity enhancement.

Organizational productivity is largely affected by the type of employees that are engaged by that particular organization, recruiting managers are implored to utilise strategies that will increase their chances of attracting top talent to their organization.

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