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Tips For Increasing Employee Productivity

Progress in an organization is determined by the productivity level of its workforce, and the extent to which employees are productive is affected by how well they are motivated by managers. Employers should engage with employees to understand what makes them tick, in order to improve employee productivity. Engaging your employees goes beyond providing the necessary equipment for them to carry out their task; it involves creating a room for communication and giving necessary attention to employees.

Increasing your employee productivity should be part of your business strategy, therefore setting up and taking measures that are aimed at achieving this should be part of your business goals and objectives.

 Let’s take a look at some of the measures you can take to improve the productivity of your work force.


Effective communication is needed to build relationships, relate responsibilities and expectations to the employees. Create a culture of positive communication in which managers and employees can share common objectives and work together to meet up with deadlines. Through effective communication employees can get constructive feedback on their efforts.  Personal communication is one way to build a connection with your workers, because it focuses more on the individual and will create a room for understanding the individual. Focus on their challenges; come up with solutions that address these challenges. By doing this you gain the trust of your employees which will inspire them to be more productive.


Schedule meetings with your employees once a week or once a month in order to get feedback from them concerning delegated tasks and suggestions on how to move the company forward. Give your employees room to express themselves, their concerns and professional opinion concerning the issues at hand. General meetings also give you the opportunity to provide them feedback on their performance on assigned tasks. The essence of the meeting is to facilitate communication and strategy development between employees. It also gives employees the opportunity to present ideas that can push the company forward based on the goals and objectives of the organization.


Acquisition of professional training is one way to improve on the job performance and increase productivity. Invest in your employees by ensuring they attend professional training/courses and relevant industry events and seminars that will improve their technical know-how. Reducing training opportunities may look like a good way to save company money, but it can roll back negatively on the company as employees will not be acquainted with the latest innovations that are taking place in their field. Encourage employee development in areas that will expand their abilities and help you build a strong workforce that will be an advantage to your organization.


To maximize productivity and achieve goals within set time, it is important to assign tasks to match the skill of employees. Identify your employees’ strengths and channel responsibility to them according to their strengths. The key to enhancing employee efficiency is assigning tasks that are related to the professional prowess of your worker. Having a good knowledge of the skills of your employees will enable you allocate tasks to them which will lead to a more productive and efficient team.


Recognizing and rewarding your employees is a great way of motivating them to improve productivity. Offer rewards to employees who have performed excellently on a project in order to encourage them and spur others to increase productivity. Incentives can take the form of commissions and bonuses.  It can also be in form of a gift, taking them to dinner, paid time off, or sending an email thanking them for their efforts.  Rewarding employees encourages friendly competition between workers, which will push them to increase productivity because they will want recognition as well. 

Productivity is paramount to the growth and success of any organization; therefore as an employer you must progressively utilize strategies that can enhance the output of your employees.

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